What you SHOULD do:

The best way to ensure a long-lasting well-performing pack is to adhere to some simple and regular maintenance. Here are some things to do that will prolong the life of your pack:

  • After each use, give it a quick inspection and make sure no damage has occurred.
  • Check the buckles and zippers to ensure they are free from dirt and debris.
  • Spot clean any soiled areas using the "CLEANING YOUR PACK" instructions below.
  • Allow your pack to completely dry before storing.
  • Store your pack in a dark non-humid area so the fabric is not damaged due to mold or prolonged UV exposure. We recommend in a closet or a tote inside the house if possible.
  • Re-treat the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) on your pack and rain cover as needed. Your pack and rain cover come with a coating on the outside of the fabric which repels water, this coating over time can be worn off and will need to be re-treated. You can tell that it needs replacing when you start to see large saturation spots on the pack and rain cover even in light rain. The re-treatment can be done by using Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof and by following the instruction on the bottle. It is important to note that before you re-treat your pack you should first make sure it is clean so the treatment adheres to the actual fabric and not to the dirt which will eventually be washed away and leave you with a untreated spot.


What you should NOT do:

Using common sense is the first step to maintaining your pack. We can't list all the different ways you can damage your pack but here are a few major things to avoid:

  • Avoid throwing or dropping your pack from heights.
  • Avoid dragging it on any surface (unless it is tied in sled).
  • Avoid checking it in as luggage on your flight without wrapping it in plastic or placing it inside a larger travel duffel bag to protect it. Your pack straps and the luggage conveyor belt will eventually meet and it won’t end well.
  • Avoid carrying sharp unprotected objects inside and outside the pack.
  • Avoid placing it close to fire or very hot objects. It's a good idea to wait to pack your stove until it has cool off completely.
  • Avoid prolonged UV exposure. Do not store your pack near a window or in the back of your truck or car where the UV rays can eventually fade and damage the materials.


Cleaning your pack:

  • Never machine wash, bleach or dry clean your backpack.
  • If you return from a trip and your pack is a little dirty, simply use a wet cloth to spot clean the soiled area.
  • If your pack is heavily soiled then we recommend stepping it up a notch and using a wet cloth with NON-DETERGENT soap or technical fabric wash like Nikwax Tech Wash(R). If needed, you can use a soft non-abrasive brush and gently break up the heavily soiled spots.
  • Make sure to air dry your pack COMPLETELY before storing.