Roamm is more than outdoor gear,
it's a trusted companion for your journey
wherever the trail may take you

Who is Roamm?

Roamm is a small business with a passion for adventure. Our office is made up of climbers, backpackers, and world travelers brought together with the shared determination to build better gear.

We believe that everyone should spend more time outside and less in front of a screen; that there’s a real difference between watching it online and experiencing it for yourself. We believe that it’s important to discover new places, push your limits and appreciate the beauty that’s all around us. We believe that our kids will be better people if they get to experience the world firsthand.

We’ve created a company that we can believe in by combining decades of gear testing and expeditions with our attention to details and love of design. We are committed to giving back to the world that we love to explore and helping those less fortunate. Roamm is more than outdoor gear, it’s a trusted companion for your journey, wherever the trail may take you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your loyal companion on every adventure. Whether you’re getting lost or finding yourself, we want to help you discover who you are and what makes you feel alive. We’re committed to creating equipment equal to your challenges, ready for unplanned detours and unexpected discovery. We’ll be there for the moments that define you, as loyal as an old friend, and as durable as the mountains we call home.

Meet the Roamm Team


Social Media Coordinator

Kristen takes care of our social media pages and makes sure you have pretty and interesting stuff to look at everyday. Born and bred in the Ozarks, she grew up exploring this region’s forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. She spends a lot of time talking about her cat and drinking coffee, but she’s totally normal.

Interests: Climbing, reading and writing

Favorite Local Spot: Some secret swimming holes that she “can’t tell us about”

Spirit Animal: Pegasus


Online Marketing

He learned spanish in the Andes mountains of South America, and learned to cook momos in a tibetan monastery in the Himalayas. He swam with giant stingrays in the Mekong River, and dove the Great Barrier Reef. He dodged dynamite in a Bolivian civil war, and searched for land mines in the Cambodian jungle. He walked to the highest city in the world. His beard alone has experienced more than most men’s entire body. He drives a classic Land Cruiser from Belize.

“I don’t often use a backpack, but when I do, I prefer Roamm.” - Max

Bucket List Adventure: Sikkim and the Northeast States

Natural Environment: The Jungle

Prefered Fuel: Diesel


Customer Service Manager

Josh is here to help! He’s spent many years in the customer service industry and takes great care of our customers. Some people have called him “the best customer service manager ever”, and we’re inclined to agree.

Natural Environment: At home playing with two young sons and eating his wife’s homemade cakes

Interests: Hunting & fishing

Spirit Animal: is his actual animal, an Australian Shepard appropriately-named Beau