• I have been a professional trek leader in the Himalayas for the past 30 years. The Roamm 65 +15 backpack I acquired in November 2017 has been the most comfortable to carry on my Himalayan Treks. I highly recommend Roamm Backpacks.

    Raj T

  • Just used this backpack last weekend on a camping trip. I hiked about 4 miles into my campsite with a full pack and was very pleased with the way it felt on my back. I loved being able to use this smaller pack for day hikes and not having to carry around the entire 65 liter pack.

    Scott G

  • I loved my Roamm pack so much that I bought one of their small bags as well. My Nomad is the ultimate bag for exploring Colorado, it's the most comfortable pack I've used.

    Matt E