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How to Measure your Torso Length for your Roamm Pack

Why do we need to know our torso length?

Well, if you are about to strap a 40 lb. pack to your back and hit the trail running then you need a pack that actually fits your back. I am not just referring to having all the straps fine-tuned to fit (see “How to properly adjust your backpack to fit you”) -- I am referring to the relationship between your torso length and the torso length of your backpack. If they are not the same then your backpack may be the cause of unnecessary roughness on your body and will most likely put you in the mood for a time-out.


Your height does not determine your torso length!

You can have two hikers that are identical in height and have different torso lengths. One could have longer legs with a short torso while the other has shorter legs with a long torso. That is why you need to measure your body to find your own torso length to pick the Roamm backpack that has the best custom fit for you. To get the most accurate measurement, find a friend to help you with the following steps:


Step 1) While standing, tilt your head forward and have your friend locate the bony bump at the base of your neck, or vertebra, that is sticking out the farthest, also known as the C7 vertebra. This is the top of your torso and will be the first measuring point to find your torso length, so keep a finger on it.

Step 2) Next, find the top of your hips on your side. Use your fingers to locate the top ridge of your pelvic bones on both sides. This is known as your iliac crest. Now have your friend help you bring your fingers together in a straight line to meet up at your spine. This is where your torso length ends.

Step 3) Now hold still while your friend helps you measure from your vertebra C7 to the top of your iliac crest.  If you are unsure of your first measurement, measure three times and take the average measurement. Now that you have your torso length you can choose a Roamm Pack that has the best custom fit.

Torso Length Chart


Download a printable pdf on How to Measure your Torso Length for your Roamm Pack