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Trek to Basecamp, November 6th - 7th

We left Namche and "civilization" early November 6th and set out for Ama Dablam base camp. Today we got our first view of Ama Dablam along with Lhotse and Everest. Trust me, that is a sobering view.

We stopped at Tengboche Monastery for lunch with an incredible Himalayan backdrop, and I left some stickers at the famous bakery there.

Around five in the evening we stopped for the night at Pangboche, then started in the morning for base camp with the mountain looming over us. Before we left the wife of the lodge's owner presented each of us with a special string necklace that was made of a simple red string that had been blessed by the Dali llama last winter and brought over from India.

After camp was set up we had a delicious noodle soup and hot pineapple drink which really hit the spot. After a quick rest we took a leisurely hike half way to yak camp to gain more elevation so that we sleep low which is the typical method for acclimating. While we were up there we searched for cell reception or WiFi and it looks like the Everest link works up here but cell reception does not. We hiked back to camp and had a enjoyable evening. I️ am so glad we are finally at basecamp!