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Prepping for the Summit, November 17th-19th 2017

November 17th,
We hiked to camp 1 and the only thing worth noting is that my pack was huge and weighed a ton with all kinds of things strapped to the outside. All the other guys started using the Tailwind and they liked it. Wayne made I️t all the way to camp 1 with a lot of hard work and after we gave him some meds and my recovery gel he was happy as pie. When we got to camp 1 someone had taken Chris’s dry bag that we used to collect snow. That was upsetting because they stole it and snow is scarce up here. Everyone loved my pre-bottle filter because the snow is so dirty. We also slept with three people in the tent and only slept about an hour at a time.

November 18th,
Because this was a rest day at camp 1 there really isn’t much to do since we are perched on a steep cliff side. We did find a better place to get snow for melting and so we gathered enough for today and tomorrow morning. Aside from that I spent most of the day in the tent just laying there and trying to stretch because I’m pretty sore. I also had the opportunity to get to know Chris a little better and learn about his family and kids and grandkids.

November 19th,
Last night I️ took a couple ibuprofen and 2 Benadryl (for a sleep aid) and I️t seemed to work pretty well. We climbed to camp 2 and with heavy packs and it was extremely hard, like mega hard, which made us change our minds about hauling our packs to camp 2.75 or 3. Plus when we got to camp 2 the so called “reserved” tents that are there permanently were all full! Yep, the same ones we payed to use. Luckily we had brought a tent for camp 3 so we pitched it in a tiny little rocky spot at the very top of the tower and that is where all 4 of us slept. The people on the ends (Swifty and me) had to sleep in strange contortions around rocks and cliff sides.

We decided to change plans and go for the summit early tomorrow morning instead of taking the extra day at camp 2:75 or 3 and hauling those heavy packs up that vertical and technical route. All of us agreed we did not want to try that, and many people had already warned us not to do it. We spoke to some of the Sherpas at camp 2 and they were still planning to go for the summit early in the morning in spite of the conflicting weather reports. We thought it would be good to give it a shot since we really had no idea what the weather was going to be like and there were only five other people going for the summit tomorrow so the lines for all the vertical sections wouldn’t be long and freezing. We all packed ourselves in this tent with no space to even move while we boiled water for dinner and drinking and just laid there in silence waiting for midnight to arrive. There was a part of it that was pretty darn fun while we laughed and joked together which made it a little more bearable. Plus it was super warm will all those bodies and huge down sleeping bags everywhere. There wasn’t even room for my pad so I just slept on someone else’s.

My coughing seems to be getting worse the higher that I go, it’s so annoying because I am coughing constantly! Other than that I feel strong.