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Rest Day in Namche, November 5th 2017

Today was our rest and acclimatization day so we slept in and met for breakfast at 9am (porridge & boiled eggs again, my choice). After breakfast we did a little more wandering around the markets and shops of Namche and back to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch we hiked up to Sagarmatha National Park Visitor Center and Sherpa Culture Museum and watched the “Sherpa Festival” celebrations, which were basically a bunch ladies and a few men slowly walking around and dancing to music. Later the team went back to the same coffee shop from yesterday to have what they are calling The Best Coffee they have ever had. We lazily made our way back to the lodge and laid around and I did some laundry. Later we met up for dinner where I had tomato egg drop soup, loaded personal pizza and topped it off with their version of an apple fritter. We all headed back to our rooms and began to prep for tomorrow’s trek which should be the longest one so far. It was a great day and I enjoyed seeing some local culture and enjoying our time here before tomorrow’s trek that’s going to be the longest yet.