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Climb to Camp 2, November 14th 2017

The plan for today was to climb to Camp 2 and then descend all the way back down to base camp. After checking with the rest of the team, they were still tired from the load haul the day before and decided to head back to base camp. Chris and I still wanted to make the climb to camp 2 so we geared up and started climbing.

Climbing moderate grade multi pitch routes at 19,000 feet was a first for me and I don’t think you could have wiped the grin off my face if you tried! It wasn’t hard climbing but due to the elevation and exposure it wasn’t easy either. There were fixed lines nearly the whole way which of course we clipped into but Chris and I️ decided to use only the rock to ascend instead of jumars or ascenders on the rope, and it was amazing! The only downside was the occasional wait while someone was descending from the summit. We climbed the famous yellow tower up to camp 2 and it was a joy and a challenge at the same time, it’s hard to describe properly because you feel strong while you're climbing and the holds are positive and even juggy in some spots but then you realize how hard you are breathing and you have to slow it down because you’re at 19,350 feet. Unfortunately we were not able to spend much time at camp 2 because we had to make it all the way back down to base camp today so we turned around and began our descent content and happy with our progress and the experience.