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Back to Kathmandu, November 28th 2017

Today started off bright and early as we caught the first wave of flights out of Lukla and experienced once again the organized chaos of the small airport. When we arrived back at the hotel in Kathmandu I saw a scale next to the check in counter and was curious how much weight I had lost so I stepped on it and read the number and then thought it was off and probably needed calibrating. Then when I went to my room I️ checked the scale in there and it confirmed the first one so I’m not sure how but I lost 16 pounds this month while on the mountain!?! I knew I would loose some weight but 16 seems a lot to me. It was great to get a proper shower and shave and relax on a bed and not have to be in two or three layers to stay warm. I ate an enormous bacon cheese burger as is my tradition when I get off a mountain and it didn’t disappoint! The rest of the day was spent perusing Thamel market and getting ideas for gifts to bring back for the family.