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Ama Dablam Update: Day 2-3

Day 2. 

Matthew & Team spent Day 2 in Kathmandu preparing for their upcoming journey and taking it easy.

“This morning started off with a leisurely 9 am start for breakfast. By 10 we were headed out to the street markets of Thamel where we spent the rest of the morning exploring market shops and dodging back and forth between heavy traffic and congestion. We continued to meander after lunch and weave our way through the market streets till we made it back to our hotel. After an hour or two of laying around and talking about anything, we headed out for dinner and an easy evening.”

Photo Credit: Darren SwiftMatthew and team taking their tea on Hotel Moonlight's patioHotel Moonlight where the team stayed for two nightsYou never know what you'll find.

Day 3. 

On Day 3, Matthew & Team flew from Kathmandu to the small village of Lukla. Here they prepared their gear to begin trekking to Phakding where they will be staying the night.

“We all met for breakfast at 6 am where we scarfed down the food and met with Chandra and Dill, our trek leaders and camp chefs from Responsible Adventures. We loaded up the transport van and headed to the airport after breakfast. The airplane we boarded was even smaller than the one I used last time I was here. It resembled the airplanes used for skydiving. The flight was fantastic and picturesque, we were flying over entree canyons and the valleys of the Himalayas. The excitement in the plane increased as we approached the famous ‘Lukla Runway’. The skilled pilot positioned the plane to land on an impossibly short runway that is pitched and slanted up. The runway ends abruptly at the mountain side. He landed us safely and was quickly rewarded by a well-deserved round of applause from all the passengers.

After we gathered our gear, we headed to a close-by tea hut to enjoy some drinks and prepare the equipment which would be taken up by porter and yak. We also fitted Chandra and Dill to their new Roamm Nomad 65 +15 packs, which were promptly loaded with 55lbs of gear. Those guys are 5-foot hauling machines! Soon after that we were all on the trail making the slow and steady ascent to Phakding.

After an hour and a half or so of hiking we stopped for lunch in Thadekosi and enjoyed some omelets and spaghetti.

After lunch, we continued our trek, eventually arriving in Phakding where we will be staying in the Buddha lodge. We got settled in and went for a little walk where we saw some kids playing soccer in an open field. We couldn’t resist jumping in and playing along but got winded five minutes later and had to call it quits. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the tea hut."

 Small airplane taking the team to LuklaChandra and Dill from Responsible Adventures fitting their new Nomad 65 +15Chandra and Dill from Responsible Adventures fitting their new 65+15 packsKid's soccer came at LuklaTaking their tea before heading to PhakdingMatthew's Team arriving at the Buddha Lodge in Phakding